About Steve

About Steve

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It all began at the age of 7 with a simple drawing inspired by one of his favorite TV shows, Dragonball Z. It was a pastime that eventually led Steve to develop a passion for the arts.

As his inspiration and love for art intensified, Steve decided to advance his skill and knowledge of the arts by attending Whitecliffe's College of Art & Design in New Zealand. It was shortly after getting his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts that a friend mentioned to Steve that he should try tattooing.

For seven years now (and counting), he has learned from and now works alongside the best artists in the world, artists such as Carlos Torres, Dean Sacred, Erin Chance, Mick Squires, Nikko Hurtado and Paul Booth to name a few.

Today, Steve continues to expand his artistry past boundaries, the results of which can only be seen to be believed, a style of tattooing know as hyper-realism; a category of tattoo art characterized by the depiction of real life and photo-realism. 

Steve's work is characteristically influenced by Pop Culture; ranging from portraits of legendary sports icons, musicians and movie stars to portraits of loved ones, comic book characters, animals and much more.

Though Steve is based in New Zealand, his wanderlust takes him all over the world as he continues to learn and share his knowledge and passion for Tattoo Art.

He is currently based in Auckland, New Zealand at Otautahi Tattoo ( He will be moving to Los Angele’s mid February - early March 2019.

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